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    The lobby

    This is where everything takes place, move around using the arrows of your keyboard, the WASD keys or by clicking on the ground.

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    The game

    Triple Triad is a card game for 2 players. The goal is to win cards by playing against other players.

    The board is constituted of a 3 x 3 grid. Both players put one of their cards on the board at each turn until the board is filled. Cards have a strength on each direction (top, right, bottom and left) and may be of an element.

    Strength goes from 1 to A (10). The elements are : thunder, rock, ice, wind, poison, fire, water and sacred. There are no elements more powerful than another, and you can decide to play without minding it (see Special rules).

    When playing a card on the board, if your card is adjacent to an opponent's card then it's a battle, if the strength on the battle side or your card is greater than the opponent's strength of its card's battle side, you win the battle and the card will flip to your color. If your strength is lesser or equal nothing happens. Everytime you win a battle you gain one point while your opponent loses one. At the beginning of the game, you have 5 points. At the end the player with the most points wins, in case of equality it is a draw.

    The cards

    This is what a Triple Triad card looks like :

    Triple Triad card

    On the top left corner you can find the power of the card in every direction. For example, this card here has a power of 2 on top, 1 on the right, 4 on bottom and 4 on the left. On the top right corner, you find the card's element if it has one, here it's thunder.

    Point System

    In TTFO there are two kinds of points, the points with which you can buy new cards (pts) and your point value (vpts).

    Your point value is calculated following the FIDE rating system. It is updated after each game (out of friendly games), you gain or lose vpts depending on your calculated expectations to win, here is how it works:

    Player A and B decide to play together. Player A has 150 vpts. Player B has 10 vpts. The difference is 140 vpts. Following this table we assume that player A has 68% chances to win. Now we have 3 different situations for player A :

    He wins :He gains 1 - 0.68 = 0.32 * kFactor vpts
    He loses :He gains 0 - 0.68 = -0.68 * kFactor vpts
    Game is draw :He gains 0.5 - 0.68 = -0.18 * kFactor vpts

    Same goes for player B, (he has 32% chances to win)

    He wins :He gains 1 - 0.32 = 0.68 * kFactor vpts
    He loses :He gains 0 - 0.32 = -0.32 * kFactor vpts
    Game is draw :He gains 0.5 - 0.32 = 0.18 * kFactor vpts
    Player A may gain less points than B during this game, and may lose more!
    The kFactor is a variable value, for the 30 first games it's 25, then it's 15 until your reach 240 vpts, where it will be 10

    You receive pts after every game, even if you lose! You receive pts following this table :

    Loss :1 pts
    Draw :2 pts
    Win :4 pts

    Penalties : if you are disconnected from a game or if you timeout you'll lose pts following this table :

    Timeout :-2 pts & -5 vpts
    Disconnection :-3 pts & -5 vpts

    Lastly, you will lose vpts gradually based on the time since your last ranked game (friendly and championship games not included) :

    1 week :-1 vpts per day
    2 weeks :-2 vpts per day
    1 month :-5 vpts per day
    2 months :-10 vpts per day

    Challenge a player

    To play against someone, simply click on his portrait in the lobby, choose the 'Challenge this player' option and select the rules you want to play with from the window that'll appear. Note that you won't be able to select a rule unless your opponent has completed the associated Trial too.

    You won't be able to choose a card limit unless you own at least 1 card of this level and, for your opponent :

    • Level 1 to 7 (monsters) : at least 5 cards
    • Level 8 to 9 (G-Forces) : at least 3 cards
    • Level 10 (Characters) : only 1 card

    Gain modes

    In Triple Triad you have 5 possible gain modes, it describes how and how many cards you'll win at the end of the game.

    No gain :No one wins any card, with this mode you can be sure that you won't lose cards, but you won't win new cards neither!
    One :The winner of the game may pick a card in the opponent's hand. You must have at least 6 cards to choose this gain mode.
    Direct :At the end of the game, you win every cards of your color. You must have at least 11 cards to choose this gain mode.
    Change :The winner of the game may pick a number of cards equal to his points minus his opponent's. You must have at least 11 cards to choose this gain mode.
    Total :The winner wins every card in the losing player's hand (hardcore!). You must have at least 11 cards to choose this gain mode.

    Special rules

    Random Deck :Your hand is choosen randomly from your deck.
    Open :Open hands!
    Same :With this rule if your card's strength is equal to at least 2 adjacent opponent cards, you'll flip the cards. View the tutorial.
    Plus :With this rule, if you play a card which strengths add up to the same value on two or more adjacent cards of the opponent, you'll flip the cards. View the tutorial.
    Elemental :You want to play with the elements? At the beginning of the game elements will appear randomly on the board, if you put a card of the same element on it, it will gain +1 on all its strengths. Otherwise it will suffer a -1, even if the card you play has no element. View the tutorial.
    Combo :Using this rule every time you flip a card with Same or Plus, it will be considered as if it was just played, and so it'll flip the adjacent opponent cards it beats again. View the tutorial.
    Same wall :With this rule the borders of the grid can help you trigger the 'Same' effect. In FF8 borders had a strength of 10 (A), in TTFO you can choose! View the tutorial.
    Deathmatch :In case of a draw, the game restarts with the same rules and cards until someone wins. View the tutorial.

    TTFO special rules

    Combo+ :Executes Combo as long as it is possible! View the tutorial.
    Random rules :You don't know with which rules you'll play until the game starts.
    Loser Winner :Inverses the mechanic of the game, you'll win if your opponent flips your cards! View the tutorial.
    Elemental Storm :See the 'Elemental Storm' in-game event.


    Championships are organized on a regular basis, during them you play with a given set of cards and you have a goal to accomplish. A championship is divided into various phases, at the end of each phase only the first half of ranked players pass to the next one. The more you stay within, the best the rewards become. The ultimate rewards being Character cards.

    The cards you play with are given for the championship duration, they don't affect your original collection. You can quit and join the championship at any time, without suffering any penalities.

    Your rank in the championship is determined by your vpts. You start with 100 but beware, once you reach 0 you won't be able to play again. You can earn bonus vpts by playing against different opponents. This bonus is added to your total when the current phase ends, it is then reseted to 0 for the next phase of the championship.

    3 different opponents+5 vpts
    4 different opponents+10 vpts
    5 different opponents+15 vpts
    6 different opponents+20 vpts

    There are 5 different championships on TTFO :

    To Rule Them All :Get the 1st rank.
    The Build Maker :Build wisely your deck and get the first rank!
    My precious :Use the gain mode at your advantage to keep your Precious card and take it from your opponent.
    Guardian :Play your G-Force card at the right time.
    Collector :Win as many cards as possible.

    In-game events

    Short in-game events will appear regularly in the lobby, each with it's own goal, duration, condition and rewards. They can be either multiplayer, with everyone's games counting for the total, or solo, where you have to complete the goal on your own.

    You will find 4 different kinds of events on TTFO :

    Defender :A monster appears to block a part of the game, it has to be defeated several times before leaving. Multiplayer event.
    Elemental Storm :The lobby is filled with elementals. Until they are all defeated the rule 'Elemental Storm' is added to every games, filling the board with a given element. Multiplayer event.
    Infestation :Monsters invade the lobby, you have to defeat a given amount of them to stop the infestation. Solo event.
    Treasure Hunter :A monster moves at random in the lobby, you have to chain consecutive victories against him to gain his treasure. Solo event.
    Comb'O'Matic :You have 15 minutes to complete this challenge, you have to flip a given amount of cards in a single turn, use Combo to help you! Solo event.
    Ghost Busting :A wraith moves at random in the lobby, challenging players it touches. The reward for this event is given depending on its current rank. To rise its rank you have to achieve a given amount of victories against him. Multiplayer event.